Tools I use for web development

Update: This post is out of date, I am now working on a Mac for work, new post here.

So I currently do all my web development work on a windows machine. Both at home and at work.

Here are the tools and apps I use on a day to day basis.

Visual Studio Code - Hands down the best text editor available. There are monthly updates with a huge amount of new features. There is a huge library of extensions with new ones all the time. I’ll be writing a posts on setting up VS Code with extensions and some tips soon.

Cmder - Terminal for Windows.

Git and GitHub.

Trello - I use Trello as a massive to-do list, including notes etc for any projects I’m working on.

Evernote - Longer notes storage, draft blog posts.

Hugo - I use Hugo as my blog engine. It’s super quick and easy to use, and it uses Markdown which is great.

Tools at work

Visual Studio - We do mostly .NET at work and Visual Studio is easily the best IDE I’ve ever used.

Resharper - A great refactoring tool.

SourceTree - Git GUI tool. Great for interacting with large code bases with lots of collaborators.

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